It's a Fuzzyful Life


OMG Koda has never done this before I’m so happy he steals things like a real ferret now

UPDATE: Willow is doing much better as of Saturday morning. Her temp is finally back to normal and the vet reports that she’s acting more “ferrety”—burrowing in her bedding and the like. She’s still on fluids and sticking her nose up to whatever they’re free feeding her, but has taken well to syringe feeding.

They’re going to keep her until Monday, and hopefully she’ll be well enough that I can bring her home at that point. Maybe by now she’s getting used to being there, but I worry that the stress will keep her from really reaching 100%.

We still don’t know for sure what happened; the vet basically told me that it looks like a really bad case of gastrointestinal upset (basically a bad belly)—and we’re both of the suspicion that it has to do with EVO’s recent ingredients change (this is true for both the ferret and cat/kitten varieties, as according to the website the biggest difference between the two is still the picture on the bag :p ). Needless to say I’ve ordered two different kinds of kibbles—Orijen cat and kitten and Drs Foster and Smith ferret, and will be switching them to that gradually the moment they arrive. Willow won’t be going back to the EVO at all—I plan on weening her off of whatever the vets have been using, and possibly giving her soupies until she has a chance to get used to the new food. Both are free of the Tapioca starch that I suspect caused this whole mess.

Koda has been surprisingly well despite his missing sister. I’ve been taking him out more often just to handle him and I’ve been watching him closely for any signs that the food is bothering his tummy. He’s still on the evo, as unfortunately I have nothing else to offer him and I figure switching him drastically might do more harm than good at this point, but I’ve been wetting it down and giving him a little olive oil each day to hopefully keep things moving.

Uh oh look out ma’s got a new camera!

Vet day
Babies had their vet appointment this morning with their new vet; they were much nicer, cheaper and closer (paid about the same, but that was including a swab test of their ears, medication and a courtesy pedicure —the vaccinations themselves were super cheap compared to the last place we went) :) Both of them have ear mites though so my next challenge is getting them to let me clean and medicate their ears x_x easier said than done!

Also, apparently Mr. Picky-I-won’t-try-anything likes dog biscuits. Koda hunny, what is wrong with you? xD

So the whole swollen neck thing was just a false alarm. Koda has gained a whole pound since the summer and weighed in at 2.2 lbs. Willow was 2 lbs. All is right with the world. :)

I really hope Koda is just suddenly super fluffy and fat, and not showing early signs of juvenile ferret lymphosarcoma. :( I just came home from a week of state active duty and it looks like his neck is swollen…
getting an appointment ASAP. They’re both due for their distemper shots anyway—though honestly it’s not like there are many options if he does have it….

The birthday girl and her big brother wrestling in my grocery bag. xD

The birthday girl and her big brother wrestling in my grocery bag. xD

Completely forgot to post this! So I made a dig box for my fuzzies lately, and they LOVE IT holy crap xD

New Cage yay!

While others are out there buying new computers and fancy electronics with their tax refund…

I went and ordered a ferret nation cage for my fuzzbutts. <3

Because I was going to get them one for Christmas but car troubles ruined my chances of that.

Buuuuut, they’ll have to wait until April to live in it because we’re moving to a new apartment it’ll be easier getting it up the stairs if it’s still in its box, lol.

(Did I mention it’s a one bedroom apartment and they’re getting the bedroom to themselves? Spoiled ferrets are spoiled.)